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English menu


Small dishes

Hummus V-GF* 5,30€

 Tzatziki GF * 5,60€

Smoked eggplant dip V-GF* 6,20€

Quinoa tabuleh 6,20€ V-GF

Quinoa salad with parsley, mint, tomato and red onion

Mezze (the 4 previous dishes with pitta bread) 10,00€

Boiled potatoes with mushroom sauce GF 6,00€

Falafels V-GF  6,50€

Guacamole with fried plantains V-GF 7,20€

Falafel pitta bread with hummus v or tzatziki 6,50€ (with avocado +1€)

Tikka masala chicken with basmati rice GF 8,00€

Lacón a la gallega 7,20€ GF

Pork shoulder with boiled potatoes and paprika  

Baked sweet potato with smoked eggplant dip V-GF 7,10€

Chicken skewers with peanut sauce 6,50€

Provoletta (grilled provolone cheese) GF* 6,80€

Goat cheese salad with raisins and walnuts 6,70€

Leak and Emmental quiche GF 4,00€

Spanish ham and goat cheese quiche GF 4,00€

* For gluten free option please ask our staff for gluten free bread or nachos  

Savory Crêpes (gluten free)

Chicken and mushrooms crêpe 6,00€

Goats cheese and pesto crêpe 5,50€

Spinach and cheese crêpe 5,50€

Spanish ham and cheese crêpe 5,50€


Spanish ham with tomato toast 4,50€

Black pudding and raw apple toast 5,50€

Pork shoulder ham and brie cheese toast 5,60€

Salmon and avocado toast 7,00€

Hummus, avocado and tomato toast 5,50€

Spanish ham and cheese toast 5,00€

Goats cheese and pesto toast 5,00€

Goats cheese and honey toast 5,00€

Idiazábal cheese y dried tomatoes toast 5,50€



Carrot cake GF 3,90€

Vegan passion fruit pie V-GF 3,80€

Brownie GF 3,80€

Cheesecake GF 3,80€

Nutella crêpe 3,30€

Chocolate and banana crêpe 3,50€

Cacao pasta crêpe 3,40€

Dulce de leche crêpe 3,30€